How My Bored 9-Year-Old Became a Quarantine Entrepreneur


We loved this article recently published by ADDitude – inside ADHD mind. Four months into the quarantine, my daughter asked to bake some scones. That set her life — and our family’s weekends...


Navigating the maze – What makes a good college for high school students with Learning Differences (LD)?


All colleges in the US are required to have a disabilities office, which helps accommodate students with different needs. While disability offices can be helpful for logistical concerns, some students...


Webinar series – overseas college education for high school students with SLD (ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia and Autism)

Large student group

Since the inception of GoWorld, our mission has always been centered on helping students with their pathways to overseas education, their professional development, and career-readiness. There are ...


There are many ways for students with learning differences to achieve a successful college education.


A statistic suggests that 1 out of every 5 college students has some kind of learning disability better known as Learning Differences in the USA. Students along with Parents few considerations for ...


Want To Know Where International Students Are Headed Next Year?


Recent figures released by UNESCO indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost 1.37 billion students across the world – this comprises 90% of all enrolled students in around 138 countries. ...


Marketing lessons from a chai ( Tea) shop stray dog


If you are in India the chances that you wouldn’t have been to a road side tea shop /chai shop at least once in your life is almost zero. for some a road side chai ( Indian tea , by the way tea is sti...


Is India really an easy country to do business?


This blog is rather a part two continuation of one of my previous blogs ( https://sriblog247.wordpress.com/2018/05/31/can-a-squirrel-changed-your-life/) . For the benefit of those who might not h...


Can a squirrel change your life …


Can a squirrel change your life , or do you think it is even possible ? The following is a narration of events that happened in my life , thought i would share it with you.The year was 2006 , The city...