Transition Plan Special Learning Disabilities.

Attention Deficient and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The transition from high school to a college environment is difficult for most students and often more stressful for adolescents with learning differences. Overseas education and the barrage of questions from parents, students, and local schools is a bigger challenge by itself. Not many universities or colleges in India cater to a formal Bachelor’s or Master’s degree for such students, and hence most of them take up softer courses like bakery, photography, painting, or such allied studies. There is no clearly defined career path for such students to join and compete with the mainstream students (for example Engineering, Computer Science, Pure Science, Business Administration, Arts etc). GoWorld aims to bridge the gaps by being a guiding beacon for students with SLD to study and succeed at reputed universities globally both at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. GoWorld performs a detailed study for each student to understand capability, student’s expertise, program interest, affordability, return on investment (ROI), job opportunities and post-study stay-back and recommend matching foreign universities for Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

More than half of students with SLD stop studies at the high school level. Of the remaining students, 35 percent try to get admission into a college. Most of them do not get admission. Even if they get admitted, they drop out sooner or later. Many colleges and universities provide an array of services to students with learning disabilities. But students with ASD have needs that extend beyond the classroom, and their success in the classroom is directly constrained by those needs. GoWorld helps such students succeed both academically and professionally.

The USA has been a popular destination for Indian students. There are over 300 colleges and universities in the United States, that specifically cater to SLD students. A program is available for every learning-disabled student who is determined to complete a two- or four-year undergraduate program. Students can always locate or even transfer to a school that matches their respective interests and budget. A traditional four-year college may not be the right choice for everybody, but there are other options to consider, including a two- or three-year Associate degree.

GoWorld has analyzed and considered key factors from students’ and parents’ perspectives for setting up both academic and career pathways. These factors include but are not limited to scholarships and grants for international students for their program, accommodation & living, safety, post-study work and stay-back options, job opportunities, return on investment (ROI) etc.