GoWorld has partnered with TriCosain’s Scott Downs and Gerald Doyle to offer our clients world-class career services offerings. We want to create an offering for young people – and those young at heart – that will permit them to, in an integrated way, weave together three strands of inquiry, creative expression, and achievement:

  • Discover and bring to life a sense of personal inspiration
  • Be well supported to pursue inspired personal learning journeys, including formal education and more creative and innovative learning paths
  • Make inspired and well-informed career decisions and be well-supported and skilled at finding, defining and gaining access to stimulating and rewarding career roles.

Bringing this desire to life requires:

  • Developing a Career Creative Curriculum and the resources to deliver it.
  • Link this to superb academic advising with elegant leveraged resources.

At the individual level, we work with you or a small cohort of your peers and batchmates regarding where you are across the three strands.

Main blocks of work

  • Multi-year Career Planning including pre-departure training and coaching.
  • Internship and CPT advisement.
  • Full-time and OPT Job Search.

At the institutional level, we want to create a vehicle for delivering all three strands together in an integrated way and in an economically sustainable way – a highly profitable way. The organization we envision will provide all three strands to the communities of first a few, then many institutions of higher learning. We propose to begin with three or more institutions as initial founders, sponsors, and shareholders, then expand to other institutions and begin to offer the service to companies and individuals commercially. We conceive Tri Cosain as an elegant weave of direct human interaction, powerfully leveraged by technology. We conceive that there is no substitute for direct human interaction through coaching and dialogue in this work.

  • (re)Imagining new career services offerings and delivery systems
  • Developing, facilitating and supporting career services across a consortium.