Recent figures released by UNESCO indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost 1.37 billion students across the world – this comprises 90% of all enrolled students in around 138 countries. This pandemic could be the biggest crisis faced by students over the past century. This has created a lot of uncertainty for aspiring students planning to study abroad. A barrage of concerns would need to be addressed. For instance, would it be wise to study abroad in 2021 or defer admission? What would be the job scenario upon graduation? What would be the Return of Investment (ROI) in 2 to 3 years down the line? These and usual topics like stay-back policies and where to study, should be given due attention.
Forbes recently published a report that addresses some of these concerns, titled “Want To Know Where International Students Are Headed Next Year”?
The article also gives you a bird’s eye view of study destinations for students planning to study aboard.
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