Mallika Ganapathy

I believe that the depth of change, growth and fulfilment we bring in the lives of people around

Annapoorna Jayaram

Ms Annapoorna Jayaram, holds a Certificate from London Montessori School for Special Needs. She i

Srivatsava Rajagopalan

Sri is an Entrepreneur by profession, Data scientist by choice, Farmer by passion and an IIM R

Gerald Doyle

“You cannot understand a system until you try to change it.” (Lewin, 1946) Jerry has

Sivakumar Dandapani

Mariner, Aviator and Educator who has been working to increase the ROI of a college education. I

Bhuvana Ram

A certified Level II Educational Therapist, from National Institute of Learning developments. Aft

Remya Satish

  Remya Satish worked as a Lead Early Childhood Special Education Teacher at an Elementary School

Gayathri Vinay

Gayatri Vinay is a professionally trained Learning Disability Tutor. She has a great deal of pass